Our Capabilities

CoScentrix specializes in home and fine fragrance products. The company is owned and managed by professionals in the fragrance and cosmetic industry with expertise in design, product development, marketing and manufacturing. Based on custom specifications, CoScentrix can develop innovative fragrance products from the most modern of interpretations to traditional impressions. With an experienced research and development staff and a cutting edge design department, CoScentrix provides all the ingredients necessary to take your project from concept to reality.


In the fine fragrance and personal care category, CoScentrix offers full fragrance development from fragrance selection and testing to packaging and component design. We manufacture fine fragrance sprays, body lotions, bath gels and salts, aromatherapy oils and herbal products, as well as a host of ancillary products.

The Company’s home fragrance offerings include all types of potpourri and candles, diffusers, scented sachets, room sprays, oil lamps, refresher oils, incense and more.

With extensive in-house sourcing capabilities and 18 years of design and manufacturing experience, CoScentrix can offer a wide variety of fragrance and gift items.

Product & Packaging Design

CoScentrix boasts an experienced product and packaging design team with expertise in the fragrance and gift markets. Our creative staff works closely with you to develop superior products, making sure that your specifications are our primary focus. Using data about your target consumer, cost considerations and marketing information, our design team, flexible and responsive, can quickly turn ideas into finished products. Using our in-house fragrance and component libraries, CoScentrix can shorten the time-line for samples and full manufacturing. Over the years, our Company has developed strong relationships with an extensive list of suppliers throughout the world, enabling us to source unique items and fulfill specific client requests.

Global Sourcing

CoScentrix has a world-wide network of proven suppliers across all product categories. Our vendor partners have passed stringent audits and have a vested interest in your success. From ingredients and raw materials to unique and specialized gifts, and spanning the globe from Asia to South America, we are confident that our sourcing team can meet any customer requirement.

Research & Development

Our scientists preside over a fully equipped modern laboratory focused on testing, formulation and research. CoScentrix can provide our clients with customized product formulations and insight into the newest and most innovative fragrance delivery techniques. Our capabilities include a variety of testing protocols that can be tailored to your requirements and our Quality Assurance program guarantees that your products will be manufactured using the highest standards possible.

Manufacturing & Distribution

CoScentrix’s 88,000 square foot facility in Carson, California is ideally situated in the heart of Los Angeles. The factory is set up to accommodate quick changes in product category and process and flexible work shifts allow us to meet shorter deadlines and minimize labor costs. Strict quality control systems are in place to ensure the highest quality of finished goods, and our senior production supervisors are long-term experienced employees.

CoScentrix will pack and ship products according to client specification and can offer warehouse and inventory management services. Our production staff excels at getting the job done – quality product within budget delivered on time!